up or down/down or up

as aggravated as i get about my neighbors and living in the suburbs of orange county and the lack of public transportation and all those republicans and meg whitman (whatever happened to her, btw?) and the inequity of rich vs. poor and everyone should pay their fair share, but they don’t because of special interests and that everything good about money is bad, i still am happy that i have this.

it is possible to stand in one place (right where you are standing with me now) and contemplate the beauty of the clouds (altocumulus perlucidus) as they are brushed back by the frond of the queen palm (cocos plumosa) we planted when we moved to this house 15 years ago.  15 years ago i would never have thought to add the latin nomen to the queen palm or the cloud either (although i had a working knowledge of clouds from growing up out west, where reading the sky is a habit that one nurtures, my mother was a master of it, commenting “there’s a wind coming in from the north, be sure to take a jacket,” just by looking up at the sky), but our digital life makes it so easy to know things, but that makes me worry that we’re the receptacles for little torn strips of knowledge–i guess it depends on what you do with it.  do you do anything with all that information?  discard some, file other bits away for future use?  does it stick?

and you then turn your attention to the new zealand flax (this the phormium tenax) and the bronze swords standing up in salute to your passing, their subtlety of color a minimalist rainbow of greens, coppers, bronzes, taupes and dusky dark reds, a sculpture garden in one plant.  does that not take away the sting of everyday life and the nonsense we are subjected to each and every day? or at least those of you who are paying attention.  it must be a sign of wealth to have this luxury of contemplation.

a few weeks ago there was a lot of chatter about the stress the truly wealthy suffer from and how their lives are made up of worry, concern and paranoia.  my wealth does not produce that, thankfully.  but i do wonder if this wealth of mine can be monetized, as we all do (don’t lie to me.)  will it ever amount to anything or is it a convenient way to keep your head in the proverbial sand? is it anything but a blind, a fence constructed of fantasy and hope (not a question.)

there doesn’t appear to be an answer.  all i can do is accept the pleasure my wealth offers me, the moments, the time it gives me that no one can take away (it cannot be taxed, although i understand that i can be taxing, hmpf.)


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