any other day

how predictable is your saturday?

does anyone ever accuse you of having your head in the clouds?

i’m curious to know what you’re response is when that happens.  do you apologize?  do you ignore them?  as soon as the moment passes, are you back to your reverie?

this is a photograph of billy in the moonlight that i took last night as he was sleeping by the open window in my bedroom.  the curtains had been pulled back so that more air (any breeze, really) could enter unencumbered by even the thinnest of sheers.  i know, you think my wits have left me, but you must believe me when i tell you that is a photograph of billy in the moonlight.  or you could consider this photograph a palate/palette cleanser.

but back to our topic of discussion: reverie, day-dreaming (even night-dreaming), head-in-the-clouds.  have you ever considered following those fantasies?  letting them become your reality?  would that frighten you or would it make you feel good?

on the one hand, your real life does have boundaries and perhaps your dreams do not.  how can you take those dreams though and express them within those boundaries?  if you look at your real life and its structure, a structure that you have to work within (a discipline, if you will) could you not accept that as the outline of your creativity?    i’m curious.  you tell me.


2 Responses to “any other day”

  1. July 10, 2011 at 4:54 am

    The boundaries of the physical existence are not well defined except in the most general terms. For example, I would not want to try to live out a fantasy in which I could fly by pushing off the edge of the roof of my three story building. But fantasies of being surrounded by beauty, living surrounded by complete abundance and love, or doing things I love or would love to do … certainly I try to live out those fantasies every day, though these, too, can be scary. Some of the tools that I could use to achieve my daydreams could contradict choices I have already made and with which I have grown comfortable.

    To the head-in-the-clouds question, I apologize to the needy and attempt to answer the curious.

    • July 10, 2011 at 7:53 am

      Thank you, Tom, for your thoughts. I do believe we can live out our fantasies, perhaps not in real time, but surely we can in a time we construct, either through the written word, visually, song, dance, solving a complicated math problem or even fixing the carburetor. From what I’ve read, you do that in your poetry. My intent, whether or not I always succeed, is to slip past the boundaries of real life through language and let those day dreams and reveries find expression in my waking life.

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