between 6:16 a.m & 6:27 a.m.

the weather report as seen in today’s l.a. times — orange county:  The onshore flow will be stronger than recent days, resulting in low clouds.

it appears to be true.

do you ever wonder what other people’s interior monologues are?  when you see them on the bus, train, walking down the street, in the car on their way to ____?   are they watching you and thinking the same thing?  what could you be thinking about–what little snips & snatches of your day are playing out in your head; lists, despair, the whys and what fors, the sighs that accompany “why me?”  (lists inspire despair, all that work to do, with the possibility of no satisfaction at the end, just another day of lists.)  the inventory you take; did i remember to bring ____, i’d better check my bag to see if i ______, why didn’t ____ give me a kiss on the way out the door?, will _______ be okay?, i must call ______ on saturday as i promised.  my knee hurts.  i didn’t do a very good job cleaning my glasses.  that man is picking his nose and looking at the results with eyes crossed.  she smells.  that hair!  and that little run-on at the end, etc. & so forth.

just wondering (not out loud, of course.)


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