you are here

you are here.  so reassuring that statement.  you are here.  where else could you be, but here?  you never would see a sign that read “you are there.”  that would be senseless.  at least as our perception of here & there are concerned.  but why can’t you be there if you’re standing here?

but there exists at the same time as here, does it not?  if you are here, it stands to reason that someone might be there at the same time you are here.  one could argue the point–i suppose–that here & there only exist when one is at either point in time, but neither exist in different times do they?  here & there are simultaneous points in time one might say, if one were so inclined to look at time that way.  that way being a vertical sense of being here (or there.)

it is not difficult to imagine (or for that matter to conceive of the possibility) that one might be both here & there when, in fact, the fixed point of here is your world view?

i am here, but i am also there…there where the focus of my attention is, where my eye is leading me, that there is me as well.   i am here & i am there.   possibly i am somewhere else & neither here nor there.

that then would be looking into your future, possibly, or possibly it could be your old  now or your new past, you are only looking after all.   that is, believing you are here & there at once (or separately.)   you see (perhaps understand is a better word, i would not want you to think that we could foretell the future by seeing into it) that that possibility of existing both now (here) & then (there) is all i’m trying to say to you.

which appears to be simple enough.  i’m sure someone has been here before.  they may have been there as well as here too.  really, there’s no telling when they were here, although there have been attempts to leave a mark, a path let’s say, to there (or here.)  i read that somewhere (somewhere is a there, just as it is a here.)

reading takes you there, away from here, but yet you remain here while doing it, unless of course, you are traveling, then you are everywhere.  reading does that to a person.  it may be our only form of time travel (or not, not if one believes that you are here & there, which would then make you omniscient, another possibility that we often deny ourselves.)

denial.  also a part of here & there.  it is tiring (perhaps trying as well, just as i may be to some of you now,)  so many possibilities to here & there.   & their meaning, the depth of their meaning is limitless.  should that be a question?  the limitless of their meaning, i mean.

questions.  also part of here & there.   what if?  what if you could be here & there at once?  what if there were no future because it exists now, you’re just not there yet as you are here (& there, but not ready to commit to both here & there?)   this, then, is both.


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