hairy bellies & other middles

the good news: i started something today, something that’s been floating around in my mind for quite some time now.  i can say, even, that i am happy with the way it started, where it started & how it started.  it is a beginning.  although what i started is about the middle.   or, it starts in the middle.  of course, that only means that i have made a decision regarding the middle & have chosen it as the beginning.

i don’t think it will have an end, but it will be finished.  there’s a difference, right?  yes.  there is.

although what i started does have a beginning & even though it begins in the middle, it may find its way traveling back & forth as connections between one occurrence & another are made (or placed side by side for comparison’s sake; you choose less sodium over trans fats, for instance.)  the devil you say.  it may even be considered a ghost story, which just came to me & now you’re the first to know that as well.   ghosts are in the middle.   it is the middle where we’ll find what we’re looking for.  although i don’t believe anything is lost, but it may be that it needs to be found regardless of whether or not it is lost.   & who’s to say “lost to whom,” for it may be that you know exactly where it is.  which is good.   good to know where that middle is (staking out the middle ground, not a compromise, but the truth.)


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