so soon (the moon)

everyone, but everyone, was talking about the moon yesterday.  there were reports in the newspaper (print & online,) blogs & twitter were all agog at the perigee of the spring equinox.

here it is, the moon, as close to earth as it’s been in 19 years, coyly disguising itself behind a pouf skirt (YSL, sans doute) & accompanied by the finest in escorts (at least those who weren’t already committed for the evening,) their tuxes just back from the dry cleaners in the event such a need would arise.  it did.  it arose in the east, just as it has, well, it doesn’t like to talk about its age, but one can surmise, that it is a moon of a certain age, mayn’t one?

& as if i weren’t already enraptured by its little game of hide & seek & “where or when will it next appear from behind its cover?”, & just when I thought I would not see it again that evening of its closely whispered brush up against the side of earth’s back, a little murmur in earth’s ear, it allows me for just the briefest moment to see it in this stunning doeskin (i swear it is not re-touched or manipulated.)  magic.  & just like that i turned my back on the moon, the dogs & i toddling down the driveway, its shimmering light dappling the way ahead.

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