2011 (resolutions & other numbers)

resolutions are not my forté.  it’s not that i don’t believe in goals, i do & through the years i’ve almost always responded positively to goal-setting, but  i’ve always found that change happens whether you want it to or not, but the distinction, of course, is that knowing it’s happening & working with it, making it your own & allowing it to become a part of your life (should that be necessary.)

one of my mentors said, “there are three types of people; those who make things happen, those who know something is happening & want to be a part of it & those who have no idea what is happening.”  he always finished that with, “which are you?”

optimally you’d want to be the person making things happen, but there’s nothing wrong with knowing there’s something happening & wanting to be a part of it, is there?  at least you’re actively participating in life.

& knowing, knowing that something is happening gives you the option of choice, a position of power that gives you control over the events in your life, whether your choices are right or wrong (or indifferent to the events swirling around you) at the least you may choose (options ‘r’ good.)

but the not knowing something is happening, for me, would be worse than anything i can imagine.  to be ignorant & un-curious, to be ‘bored’, to be at a loss, all make me shudder (in a corner shivering in abject terror.)

so, 2011, (the sound you hear in the distance is time whooshing past you) what will you bring?  will my hopes & desires come true?  can i make them happen?  or will i know they’re happening & become a part of the change?  just, please, don’t let me not know & miss out on the change each year (or moment in time) brings me.


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