on collecting (an anniversary)

sometimes when you start a project (artistic or otherwise) you may think you have one goal in mind, but as the project unfolds, you find yourself drawn in other directions & oftentimes those paths all lead, in their meandering way (o’er hill & dale) to the result you may have wanted but at the beginning may not have been able to voice.   (i shy away from saying “put into words,” this is after all a blog of the written word, albeit accompanied by photographs & images as illustrations, but it wouldn’t seem an accurate accounting of my ‘vision’ were it limited to just ‘words’.)

2 years ago when i started this blog i had every intention (good or bad) of writing about art, artists, collecting & aesthetics & although i have, on occasion, turned down those roads (some less traveled than others,) but to my surprise (& chagrin at times) it has become much more of an exploration of my past, my present & possibly my future.  interestingly, for me at least (and a few readers, i believe & quietly hope,) this delving & digging & divining, this wandering, & roaming (with quick side trips/tangents to this vista or that historical marker)  has been,  & what i now know to be the truth (and will continue to be, one can only hope) more of an explanation of how i’ve gotten to this point in my life, surrounded as it is by art & artifact & this word & that one (collections all.)

after all then, it has been about collecting art, about artists & aesthetics & about one personal approach to & understanding of what it means to be a collector — a reflection of my character in images, words, people, objects.   at times,  i’ve held the mirror up so i can read the writing from left to right or magnify through a lens  discernible differences in the subtle textures & interwoven shades of color & the patterns created through composition (it’s that looking askance that brings clarity in unexpected ways.)

so this evening, new year’s eve 2010, i am marking time  (should you need celebratory imagery, please pause a moment and imagine a pop of the champagne cork,  the tickle of its bubbles as you lift the glass to your lips ) something i don’t often like to do (oh, i like my anniversaries mind you: birthdays, meetings, passings, & holidays,) but tonight as i write my 185th post i realize that it is still more beginning than end & that gives me some pleasure.


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