what painting are you?

let’s say you’re being interviewed by barbara walters in prime time & not on “the view”  (it could happen.)  she’s asked you about your  success at/in/because of ________ & you’ve plugged your most recent book/movie/stage play/feat of heroism & then she pauses, looks you in the eye as she licks her lips (you know what’s coming, her publicist gave your publicist the list of questions ahead of the interview, but because your private jet was late arriving in nyc & your iphone/blackberry/android ran out of juice, you had just received them minutes before the interview, but you did know she was going to ask you this):  “wobert, what painting are you?”

it’s not “what tree are you?” & consequently it’s a much more difficult question to answer.  if you’ve any relationship with art, the answer suddenly becomes fraught with pitfalls & potholes.  there are  so many to choose from!  they each represent such diverse emotions!  if i say ______ by ___ _______ will i sound elitist?  but if i try to identify with my market share, & answer _______ by ____ _______, will i be perceived to be common by my peers?  but i like them both, you opine!

“today, barbara, i am _______ ________ by ______ _______,” you state, “but tomorrow or even later today, i might be ____ __ by _____ ______, because i am many different paintings & could not possibly choose just one to represent who i am.”

this is me today:

fernand léger 1881-1955 french, composition indienne, 1942, oil on linen, h 940 mm w 800 mm, signed and dated

atelier fernand léger, no. 134; galerie louise leiris, paris; perls galleries, new york; thomas gibson fine art, london

literature: georges bauquier “fernand léger”, le catalogue raisonné de l’oeuvre peint.  maeght, paris 1998.  tome vi, 1938-1943, no. 1095


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