an exhibition in search of a curator (my life)

yesterday i worked with a client who was trying to reorganize their collection of art that was hanging on the walls of their home so that they could add more.  we were  mindful of not forcing images together that had no relationship with each other, but at the same time being open to new conversations between works that may arise as a result of the shift in the installation.

& although we succeeded in creating new space for their recent acquisitions, it made me consider that sometimes it might be best to leave ‘well-enough-alone’ & that our lives are not unlike a collection of art.  some people are able to keep it spare, simple & others have a much more complex relationship with the installation that is their life.

aren’t we all curators of one kind or the other?  we place this part of life here and that part there and sometimes we put the parts together to see if that makes sense or starts a conversation.  we edit & revise, we remove & add, we jumble it up or clean it out & start all over again (sometimes against our better nature & sometimes without choice).


1 Response to “an exhibition in search of a curator (my life)”

  1. October 10, 2010 at 7:54 am

    Perhaps we are all curators of one kind or another……
    But some of us can curate more artistically than others…..

    That’s an interesting concept that you are discussing!

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