today’s weather report (sturm und drang)

that waking time, between sleep (nestled, eyes closed against the world) & out of bed, was punctuated this morning by the deep, guttural roll of clouds colliding.   at first you don’t believe that the sound you’re hearing is the sound of the real world, that perhaps it is still part of the dream that’s disappearing from your consciousness, shredding itself as clouds do when they hook on a mountaintop, but it comes again, clearer, more insistent, a knock at the door, a deeper rumble, longer & stronger & you open an eye, just to make sure that it is thunder & not the dream that has finally left you (what was it again?)

& then when you’re out on the street, hints of raindrops plop on your forearm, but dry before they can roll off your skin, wet/not wet, in an instant, a heartbeat, so quickly that the sensation barely registers, the time between action & reaction so slow that it’s as if it never happened (even your brain can’t keep up).

as you walk along, you realize that the clouds, like crows, are scattering ahead of you, black wisps of molecules dispersing in the sunlight & warmth of morning (throwing the covers back from your sleep-warm nakedness)

the clouds let go of the moon (a fingernail, the cuticle cleanly defined) & it floats away from them, drifting off (like the pussycat & the owl in their pea-green boat)

as you sit up in bed, swinging your legs over the edge (you may scratch yourself here, arm, leg, chest, belly, groin) stretching your arms above your head & later when you look out over the ocean, the clouds are mimicking you, pulling back & opening up & thinning out & rising away from the earth (as you stand, bed warm)

in this short time, between waking & walking, less than an hour (what does that matter?) the clouds, the storm, the stress moves away; it falls to the floor (you had kicked off the blanket during the night, there it lies in the valley below)

& you sense your blood coursing, pumping, synapses pulsing & recording, sleep slipping from you (all this in seconds), moisture in the air billowing up & falling down (just not on you, but on someone over there)

& that golden glow greets the day, your face awash  in the light of day (just as at the washstand, cool water rinsing night away)

the weather today will be partly cloudy & warm.  there may be heightened emotions (there usually are) but the day is planned & what are we to do but let it unfold?


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