the lights at lacma (chris burden installation)

last saturday i spent the greater part of the day at the los angeles county museum of art (hereafter known as lacma).  if you’ve not been before, it’s a mishmash of buildings (all built at different times in different styles & they’ve tried to give it some kind of cohesive look, but more about that later) covering the better part of a block of wilshire blvd. at fairfax (not too far from the amazing l.a. farmer’s market).

there is a grand entrance on wilshire with a lovely water feature (so l.a.), but if you park in the museum’s underground garage, you exit into the bright sunlight of a plaza that is open, barren, & half-hearted, more of a desert than a museum meeting place (for comparison’s sake, visit either getty museum, in brentwood or malibu, for the right way to welcome your guests).

however, to their credit, they are making an attempt to tie it all together & create an urban (urbane) gathering spot for los angeles, so quit your bitching robert & move on!

the chris burden installation of gas lamps reclaimed from surrounding communities (each city around los angeles had its own distinctive gaslamp design, some more ornate than others)…& this is where i’m losing steam.

as you may’ve surmised by now, i have struggled greatly with this post; these last few paragraphs are my final attempt to get at (or to) the chris burden installation at lacma.  what it has come to is a list of words & phrases:

forest, soldiers, gateways, conquests, decoration, history, sex, intimacy, relationships, friends, family, enemies, repetitive (good), typical of los angeles to destroy & rebuild, the excitement of the new, moons, fireflies, wands (magical & otherwise), shadows, the light that is particular to southern california, palm trees, nursery, reclamation, theatrical.  (i may come back to add more, for the truth is that i greatly love this work of art.)


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