ain’t that a shame

last night our next door neighbors tom & bill (not their real names.  all the names in this post have been changed.) threw a going-away party for our neighbors, mary & joe (one house over) who have lost their home to foreclosure.    shit happens & this post is not about the whys or wherefores of mary & joe’s financial management capabilities.   all we know (or care about) is that they’ve been wonderful neighbors over a decade of living in our community.

the evening started out on the patio accompanied the tinkling music of the fountain & the setting sun.  as the beer & wine began to ease conversation, the 9 of us gathered around the table & shared stories about our day/week/month/job/or lack thereof/the crazy neighbors/the noisy neighbors/the messy neighbors & how we’re suddenly the ‘old’ people in the community as many of those who came before us have either died or moved into ‘assisted living’ facilities (which was also a topic of conversation.)

as usual with summer in southern california there was a mash-up of patterns (plaid & stripes & florals, both hawaiian & mainland) without much to-do (it’s been my experience that they invariably sort themselves out.)

3 out of 6 men sported moustaches (including the author.)  do you think it’s a grooming trend or is it just a reflection of the times we came of age in?  (that would be the ’70s for the uninitiated.)

another stat:  4 out of 7 men in attendance are bald/balding (including the author,) but not in denial about it & are rather celebratory about their lack of hair.

the table was beautifully set, sparkling & shimmering with candlelight & silver & shiny ceramics & the scent of roses & decanted wine filled the air.  the pitcher of lemon water sweated sweetly on its trivet as we juggled & giggled our way into our chairs.

there was no need to talk about the elephant in the room (not the republican elephant, although we did discuss politics — surprisingly not everyone is a bleeding heart liberal in our group, but everyone was respectful of the opinions of others & if we didn’t completely convert those on the right, we at least all agreed that government should help those who need it most; the indigent, the poor, & those whose disabilities inhibit their independence.)

bill, one of our hosts, hails from the eastern seaboard & illustrates his conversation with a bevy of gesturing that not only emphasizing the point he is makng, but also is extremely entertaining.  if you comment on it, he’ll just say, “what?”

it was good to spend time with all of our neighbors & celebrate new opportunities & reminisce about much of what is past & salute our departing friends with a hug & a smile.

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