out of focus (au naturel)

there are times when, in spite of your best intentions, every aspect of your life seems just a wee bit out of focus.    yesterday seemed to be one of those days.    even the belladonna amaryllis, their nakedness such a lure, refused to be seen clearly.

i pushed the button on the camera relentlessly & without even a glance at the playback option to see if what i was so intent on capturing was clearly in focus.  it’s not like i hadn’t taken hundreds of photographs utilizing the macro setting before without incident.

but yesterday  the flowers were defiant.  “enough! ” they declaimed.  “we are tired of your incessant invasion of our privacy.  stealing our beauty & sharing it willy-nilly, with this person & that.  how do we know if they respect our beauty?  how can we be sure they are worthy?”

i was dumbfounded by their resistance, “there is no way to gauge our audience’s appreciation of your perfection,” i lamented, “we can only hope that they will leave a comment eulogizing your striking symmetry & elegant sense of color & form or click on ‘like’ or touch their cursor to their <3.”

my hopeful plea seemed to assuage a small portion of their worry & ever so slowly (& thoughtfully) they slipped back into focus; their beauty all the more striking for having been momentarily denied me (& you.)

without further contemplation of their plaint, i flip-flopped my way down the gravel path, pausing just once to face squarely the beauty & magnificence of this rose that i now share with you.

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