everyday (it’s all around us)

this is a ‘stop & smell the roses’ post (& admonishment.)  yesterday on a walk up the hill from the house (joey was my companion, he’s a great one to go on a walk with as he doesn’t talk much, he likes to keep moving until something that smells good catches the wind & his attention, then he stops & gets in there, nose pressed to each blade of grass as if each one told a different story, in a different language, each with their own subtleties & rhythms & required one’s undivided attention.)

while he’s otherwise occupied (& even when he’s not) i too have my senses on high alert & when an image catches the wind (as it does) i must stop & apply my eyes to it, much as Joey does with that little pink & black nose of his to the stinky stuff only dogs can smell.

& what i find is so much beauty, even in the mundane graffiti of the gas company or the sculpted forms of the overly manicured landscape in the 55+ community that resides at the top of our hill (with absolutely everything ‘just so’; it makes me shudder.)  but look at it!  you may wonder where artists get their ideas, but truly all you have to do is look around you; a deep, gratifying look is all it takes.  it could take minutes or seconds of your time, but let it sink in, immerse yourself in it, luxuriate (however briefly) in what you see.

it is truly everywhere everyday; in the sculptural forms of the ficus’s trunk (as a whole) or the tiny red ants that were marching up & down this trunk (elephant skin-clad as it is) with such purpose it made me want to be as productive (on a day off no less!)

let your mind wander & free associate (i thought of edith wharton’s novel, the house of mirth & poor lily bart & her fall from grace when i first came upon these hibiscus.  i know, i know, that seems a stretch but it’s what came to me.)

in suburbia there is little to remind you of greater urban environments & their power & magnetism & muscularity, but this man-hole cover for the sewer seemed a memory spark of hissing cabs & glinting shop windows winking at you as you pass by.

& sometimes, even when you may not think there’s anything there for you, unexpected comparisons  & contrasts pull you in & help you past your block, liberating you from the tyranny of the mundane.    (this post was, more importantly, about getting over a hurdle.)


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