looking up (not a metaphor)

i’m not one to look down when i’m walking, i figure my feet will manage just fine on their own.  if i trip, so be it, because i really enjoy looking up.  do you know how much you miss by not looking up?

i would’ve missed this little pouf of a wispy cloud had i not been looking up.  it looks to me as if an elephant had been lightly sketched with fog & vapor & was rubbing its hind-quarters against the upper branches of this eucalyptus.  a moment later it was gone, shaken away like an etch-a-sketch.

i would’ve missed the bands of blue that are the ocean meeting the sky on a day as perfect (late morning) as today.  the contrast of this tree dark against the ethereal nothingness that is our ozone & h20.  are they not giving back to each other?

i would’ve missed the sunlight kissing & tickling & making love to this pepper tree.  i can see the tree reaching out for more, “don’t stop, you fool,” it rustles as the wind flows through its tight short curly leaves (recently trimmed & now fuller than a brush.)

i would’ve missed the cerulean blue of the sky in deep harmony with the green & red leaves & black shadow & straight edge of a branch, well, branching out & its forward movement propelling the leaves toward their new existence, fresh, lovely, whispering my name (visually.)

i would’ve missed it all had i kept my head down & not dreamt that looking up would change my life.


1 Response to “looking up (not a metaphor)”

  1. 1 ninakuriloff
    May 31, 2010 at 6:48 pm

    The sky is a very beautiful blue color. 🙂

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