untitled (pink roses in a may garden)

“untitled”  is a prevarication.   there is a dialogue, a discourse, a thesis, a point-of-view, in all that we do.   an artist may not want to reveal their intent & consequently “untitled no. 48” may be an appropriate moniker for the work of art you are contemplating.  however, that does not mean the work is without a title.

i could have just as easily called this post “pink roses in a may garden” for all that it matters.  you, the reader/viewer, will ultimately determine the title.  If this post had been titled “pink roses in a may garden”, my discussion would still have centered around the issue of calling a work of art “untitled.”

the point of “untitled”, i imagine the reasoning goes,  is that the artist does not want to interfere with the viewers judgment or dialogue with a work of art.   but how can titling something “untitled” not title it?  or even by giving it a number, not influence the viewer?   “no. 48” puts all sorts of thoughts into my head as to why that number was chosen.   is it no. 48 in a series?  do 4 & 8 have a significance to the artist?  oops! a dialogue has begun.

you might have surmised by now that i am in favor of titles.  even something as simple as “arrangement in grey and black: the artist’s mother” or titling an upended urinal “fountain.”  i welcome the dialogue the artist initiates when he adds his thoughts in words to a work of art.

i hope you enjoyed “untitled (pink roses in a may garden).


1 Response to “untitled (pink roses in a may garden)”

  1. May 15, 2010 at 11:11 am

    I adore the color of the 3rd flower.

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