night blindness, or how i learned to see

i can’t pinpoint the exact date, but somewhere in my past it happened suddenly & without warning:  i could see.  now, you might say that seems not that unusual, most of us are gifted with sight, but i’m talking about really seeing, beyond just the ordinary day-to-day business of looking at things & making visceral judgments about them (hot/cold/good/bad/sweet/sour/turn/don’t turn/asshole/sweetheart.)

it could’ve been when i was walking down the sidewalk & like an owl at night stalking its prey, it swooped down upon me & its feathers stroked my eyelids/eyelashes in a magical whoosh of starlight & ambient sound (and left a trail of pixie dust, you hopeless romantic.)  but i don’t think so.

you will have noticed that night is brighter than we perceive (no flash for these photos) & i think my ‘sight’ is like that, brighter/sharper/clearer.  now i am not patting my back & saying “oh, robert, you’ve got it,” what i am saying is that i do have something that connects the upside down world (before the brain turns it right side up) with my gut & my brain & offers an interpretive dance (black leotards & tights for all!) of possibilities.

symmetry, asymmetry all opposites balance & harmony rules (forget them) thrown out the door.  like an animal its instinctual & primal & learned (i’ve had great teachers–though they may not have known at the time that they were even in a position to have done so.)

at night, not everything is as it seems, the edge of harsh light has been removed & time/space seem much more fluid & feathered & softened by the absence of daylight (we all look the better for it–isn’t that why a bar/saloon/bistro is candlelit?)

i may not be able to tell you how i learned to see (pearl, bessie, evelyn, klaus, arnie, michael, libby, estelle, for instance but in no particular order, & god knows there are many others) but i do trust my sight (i only have one good eye — & that may account for my extra-sensory perception.)

but please note: i am not conflating ‘seeing’ with ‘esp’–i am talking about form, & shape & balance  & color & space that conspire to be pleasing or not.

it may be vain of me (i know you’re rolling your eyes right now) but through all these years i have had the strongest of  connections with the visual.  it is my connection to the past, the present & the future (it makes my heart pound, right now, as i type these words.)  i am not an artist.

i am just someone who can see in the night the light of life, of beauty, of sadness & of death (there’s beauty there too.)


2 Responses to “night blindness, or how i learned to see”

  1. 1 Harvest
    March 27, 2010 at 6:29 pm

    Strangely enough, some of the best pictures I think I shot when I was in Silver City, NM, almost two years ago, were at night. I couldn’t explain why they came out so well, because I had never really done much night photography, but they did. Of course it was in the little town, so I did have some light from the street lights to help, but still, with my little camera, I was amazed.

    I know what you mean about seeing beyond the mundane — the innate knowledge that is not “survival sight”, but dare I say transcendental seeing? Yeah, it’s seeing design and balance and composition every where! 🙂 You are indeed blessed with sight.

    P.S. I hope you don’t care much about spelling, cause I think I am used to spellcheck.

  2. 2 robtpatrick
    March 27, 2010 at 10:04 pm

    Thank you for the kind words!

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