welcome spring

We all bow to the coming of spring.  It brings with it the excitement, anticipation & joy of passing through the darkness of winter; its rain, snow, winds now (hopefully) behind us.  Birds trill their welcome song.

Sunrise slowly spreads its warming fingers across the cool valley, reaching, stretching (a yoga position ‘greet the sun’) radiating good cheer.

What was indistinct just seconds ago, starts to emerge, the magic of an etch-a-sketch limning the hills & coastline, it’s graphite gravelly & raspy against the screen of your viewpoint.

The heat of the sun rolling up the backside of the mountains in the distance, pushing the chill of the night ever westward, scrumbling the blanket of night to the foot of the bed of the earth.

What promises have you made today?  What secrets have you revealed?

Spring cleaning, whisk away the cobwebs of winter, the heaviness of early darkness & late light in the morning.  Brush the hair away from your face, stop hiding.  It’s dawn.

Stand tall against the light, bathe in its warmth & thrill to its rejuvenating touch: blossom, flower, seed, put your arm around a friend, a lover, for god’s sake, a stranger.  Reach out, reach out, reach out.

Slough off the death of winter, reject it.   Rise up in friendship, in love, in kindness, in deep devotion to life.

2 Responses to “welcome spring”

  1. March 20, 2010 at 8:52 am

    I love spring… everything begins to blossom 🙂 Spring and Summer are my favorite seasons..

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