bloom (in love)

solandra maxima (cup of gold vine)

at last the cup of gold vine is in bloom.  it has been a tug of war with this plant over the last few years (under water/over water; fertilizer/no-fertilizer; prune/don’t prune,) at least three times i thought i’d killed it, only to see it struggle back to its scraggly, rangy self/a triumph of self-determination & focus not unnoticed or unappreciated by this gardener

the blossom is huge & brilliant (obviously) but the bigger story for me is that it got me to thinking about creativity & how for some people it seems to flow uninterrupted & for others (me, for instance) it comes in spurts & starts, oftentimes needing to lay dormant–all the ingredients mulling around/stewing/composting, a sausage machine extruding its commingled spicy ideas  & ground thoughts  into a neat little skin of whatever form the final product takes.

of course, some thoughts/sparks of an idea come unbidden–they just are & and are there & are welcomed as naturally as a mother to a lost child, others are buried deep & are nurtured along (fed/tended/hoed/talked to/weeded/mulched/watered/a dollop of steer manure around the roots for good measure) or completely forgotten until, surprisingly they bud & bloom & oof! they must be expressed (that struggle too is creative–the form it takes, the way you manage it–or not.)

acacia (species unidentified by the author)

but these blooms, these spring blooms (our glorious climate & its early spring) dresses/ball gowns designed for just one brilliant royal dance each year, promenaded to the delight of the assembled guests are

[i stood up & walked away just now to look out the window at the rain & listen to its running patter on the roof & its rapid descent through the downspout–our house a giant water feature — de rigueur maintenant pour la maison à la mode]

for me the embodiment of creativity/its one-way nature; its inexorable nature lies in each of us/a call to arms that only some hear & answer but that all embody.

exhortation:  listen, listen closely, when it calls/knocks/honks/toots/tweets/vibrates/rings/runs you down, answer  it & watch it bloom.


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