Diverse Expressions

Our dear friend, Sally Walsh, is opening a new exhibit at Universal Art Gallery, 2001 Lincoln Blvd., Venice, CA on Saturday, February 26th.  You can view some of the art by clicking here.  M. & I went up to preview the exhibit today:

One is greeted by these lovely bathing beauties frolicking on the side of the gallery–outdoor murals are a staple of life in Los Angeles and are most often respected & left alone by the taggers whose work adorns so many flat surfaces in SoCal.

Sally, as always, was delighted to see us (we love Sally!)  She’s Oxford educated (read History,) the daughter of actors Hazel Court (the scream queen of the 1950s) and Shakespearean actor Tony Walsh.  Sally’s been knocking around art galleries forever (like me) and has a brilliant eye for what’s hot & what’s not.

Mannolo, an artist and friend of Sally’s (ours too!) met us there for a quick perusal of the art as it was being installed. He was wearing a floral patterned shirt that quickly caught my eye.

I loved its delicate pattern and beautiful colors and how it complemented his skin and character.

M. was intrigued by some cube sculptures (made of carrera marble, oh my!) and incised with brilliant shimmering color.

Paintings and prints by Victoria Bell will be displayed.  Ms. Bell’s family were vaudevillians and for this series of work she’s been mining photographs of them taken while on tour.  We were struck not only by their remembrance of times past but also at how modern they were.  A theme that wends its way through this exhibition.

Paintings by Robert Palacio will be exhibited as well.  We’re smitten by how he mixes his heritage (Mexican) with the whole low-brow art movement that’s all the rage out here right now.

We kidnapped Sally and dashed over to Lilly’s on Abbot Kinney for lunch.  I just realized that I’ve never seen the front of the restaurant as we’ve always parked in the lot behind & gone in through the rear entrance (mind yourself.)

Venice is the ne plus ultra down-market hide-away for stars & Hollywood celebs (Julia Roberts is a resident)–its twisty, windy, dead-ended, one-way narrow streets (two cars can barely pass each other) offer a certain security & like the Cretan Maze are slightly menacing–all contributing to excellent star-sightings (all in mufti, of course.)  Regardless, Lilly’s is a delightful French bistro (the waiters are even Gallic — ask them to shrug for proof.)

Sally channeling Claire Danes via Venice Magazine.

Sally is Diverse Expression.  (Pardon me, but this is  shameless promotion, I know, but I’d do it for you too–if we were as close friends as I am with Sally.)

Sally had to get back to work & Mannolo was needed up in the Valley–so after dropping them back at the gallery, M. & I headed up Lincoln to Santa Monica and Wertz Bros. Antique Mall, one of our fave places for the occasional much needed piece of ‘stuff’ (in the best George Carlin sense of the word.)  This is me reflected in a delicious bus sign (it would’ve been on a roll over the windshield of the bus & the driver would’ve cranked it to change as cities came & went…right now, they’re a very ‘hot’ decorating item out here.)

After a quick go-round at Wertz Bros., M. & I jumped back on the 405 & headed home (carpool all the way!)

As we got closer to our home (just on the other side of this hill) we realized how lucky we are to live in such a magnificent landscape.

Aliso Wood Canyon (separating Laguna & Aliso Viejo) leads down to the ocean with trails & running/bicycling paths all the way to the sea.

The sky was a brilliant blue, the perfect counterpoint to the star that warms & nourishes our planet.


3 Responses to “Diverse Expressions”

  1. February 13, 2010 at 9:12 pm

    Great energy, colorful and engaging. Love it. Thank you for sharing for those of us who won’t get to experience the atmosphere in person.

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