seeing and being

i’ve been putting this off, really putting it off–the post was started over a week ago & i’ve deleted words/paragraphs/photos/re-written/re-cropped/photoshopped & otherwise played around with what i want to say to the point where about 5 days ago i just stopped/wiped out (digital eraser!) everything & except for the title just ‘draft’ed it/thinking, thinking, thinking

that i would come back to you/ it eventually/ tonight i’m back/ready/set & writing writing writing earlier this week in another venue this appeared from the tips of my fingers (not blaming them, they do another’s bidding/slaves of a peripatetic master) via a keyboard & cursor:

i’m more than a little consumed by my ‘world-view’ & how much i let in & how much i keep at bay, you know, the macro view — everything the size it really is, even if you have to crop it so tight that it hardly resembles it’s truth, but it is your truth, at least for that moment that you pay attention to it & maybe, just maybe you take away a little bit more information from your close-up inspection than you would have taking it all in at once.

but i believe so many people don’t accept the macro view of life because it requires a special pair of lenses combined with some common sense/intellect/maybe even ‘street’ smarts would suffice, suffice it to say i worry.

‘give me the big picture, you deal with the details’ is disingenuous & dangerous & & & & & frightening when the details, the molecules/cells/atoms are macro & need our undivided attention to fully understand the world-view we subscribe to today (that’s my belief today, ask me tomorrow if it’s changed.)

tomorrow is here & i still believe the macro view is important, but to that i will add so is a larger world-view/one that is panoramic/moving/flowing & open, a course/a water stream/niagara falls/mt. everest/tibet/china (oof!)/aids/malaria/ignorance/poverty/oppression of women/gays/people of color/xenophobic sons of bitches (you know who you are)/global warming/haiti/hunger & malnutrition/–all all all are now & in the present

today/tonight/tomorrow/right now i look forward & inward & macro & micro & doing that doing that doing that brings me some peace  & with that peace there may be= equality

1 Response to “seeing and being”

  1. January 30, 2010 at 11:05 am

    Photo #1 is my favorite, since it is cheerful and good cheer is needed for this very icy-cold and gray day!

    I love the textures of the 3rd and 4th image!

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