headlamps/submitted without comment (not true)

sometimes it just needs to be visual while the words re-organize themselves.  it’s a slow-cooker/thoughts/ideas/all chopped up & tossed in for consideration/stewing/pressure-cooking.  a mixture of flavors some savory, others sweet, some distasteful, more full-bodied/pungent/aromatic/herb-encrusted.  presentation must be considered/country/formal/china/chinette® (you know who you are)/linen/paper/everyday on the couch in front of the tv (goddamn tv.)

but time passes (don’t all writers deal in time? it’s their vice/their drug/their addiction) & one day, one week, one year (many years later) it comes out in a rush of pen/pencil/keyboard, cursor & orgasmic and then, the constant revision/adjustment (too tight underwear/not tight enough [going commando] who needs to see it all right now?)

writers are ecdysiasts–words their music, sentences opera gloves, paragraphs a boa (not constrictor,) chapters a feathered slipper–each note/word revealing a little more/the reader/patron panting drooling slipping a twenty in a garter for encouragement

those letters, each individual one so important, so loved, so cared for & nurtured, a child’s garden of verses (remember?) how you loved words & how the world blossomed in front of you as a b c became a window/doorway/road out of the confines of yourself, your circumstances, a circumnavigation of the world/exotic/insightful/frighteningly beautiful.

and now, that love/fear are yours to share/tentative hesitant steps leading to that great exposure/exhibitionist that you are/voyeur too.  it comes to this the presentation the hoped-for-response (& sometimes none) love me do/don’t/alright fuck you/oh god i need you to love me so basic so human so wonderful.


1 Response to “headlamps/submitted without comment (not true)”

  1. 1 Karen Resta
    January 24, 2010 at 11:08 am

    Love it, love you! 🙂

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