fear of being unliked in a group [tumblarity] why i can’t ignore it i don’t know, but it’s eating away at me high school all over again (without the acne and that a**hole, danny h. who tormented me and now in retrospect maybe he was <gasp> gay too) same time giggles gurgle up over stupidity of it all as i have plenty of self-respect -worth i am after all an accomplished ________ and have the respect of my peers who needs it i do find it fascinating and debilitating/invigorating/cold stream over barefeet skin goose-pimpling real/refreshing/enlightening/stimulating/funny/mad (lady gaga ‘mad’) a vortex of synapses swirling/flashing/brilliant/enlivening

and yet what will this exposure gain me youth/memory/skill/craft and who will care if not strangers although revealing it is a safe harbor/shelter/roof/tree bough it is controlled/not passion/indifferent to the bumps [no ‘likes’] some sticks/some doesn’t and i fall through each space rapeling dropping past coppertone christs sweat-sheen clearly crucified an offering to photographic gods this century worships

anxiety smothers me in its warm embrace as i steal/lie/burgle time from someone else to communicate/reach-out/grasp at empty space the cursor my only companion which path this must be a crossroad my heart palpitating wildly that first roller-coaster ride/that first kiss from a man/heaving/pushing against the rib cage even a walk just now around the metrolink parking lot did nothing to quell

can this feeling be nothing more fleeting than the glimpse you catch of a handsome man on the train platform as you worry worry worry why won’t this stop stop stop a frame of film 24 per second clickety-clackety sprockets the rhythm of your heart unspools time 20 beats 15 seconds reasonable reasonable reasonable repetition comforting but still that peace is elusive


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