trees that i am friends with…

Sixteen Mexican palms at the prom hanging around waiting for someone to ask them to dance.

Apocalyptic eucalyptus.  It stands sentinel at the highest point of our community, alone; a guardian watchtower more knowing and more resilient than those who walk among its kind; conversely at the mercy and whims of those who tend it.  What power we hold, how stupidly we apply it.

It’s possible that as the oceans rise as a result of global warming, this Norfolk pine could be underwater.

A most luxuriant Coral tree–giver of shade; it molts debris, an exotic bird with an enormous wingspan, protective.   It invites climbing and deserves a tree house.  (Do not park under this tree.)

The evil ones destroyed this 50 year old pine tree so that an already incredible view of the coastline would be completely clear of any impediment.  Forget that this tree was an eco-system unto itself.  Not only did it cool the homes it stood by, but it kept them warm in the winter months as well.  It was home to squirrels, butterflies, at times to raccoons and opossums plus enough birds to populate an aviary.  Soon after its demise, the housing market tanked and the homeowners who had lobbied for its destruction made no gain in the value of their homes.   Tree karma.

I know, not a tree, but lovely nonetheless.

Liquid Amber…for our East Coasters, the West Coast version of a maple tree.

Notre Dame and the crown of thorns…watch over the spirit of a brilliant, intelligent woman who lost her mind and now lives (dies) in a home for those lost in dementia.  (True.)

Arthritic after being tortured by continuous pruning, this Pepper tree stands in testament to the idiocy of community/committee/landscape company/California gardening.  It’s enough to make you run screaming through the streets in despair.  Why does man think nature must be tamed?  How weak can man be?

Aleppo pine.  Stirs thoughts of John Steinbeck, WWII, poodles named Charlie and bridges.

Two palms (yes, there is) much in love.

Another ‘not a tree but lovely nonetheless.’  A luscious Bird of Paradise this time.

I weep for joy as I stroll among my friends, the trees.  They are constant companions, neither judgmental nor unforgiving.  They breathe life into my world, my consciousness.


7 Responses to “trees that i am friends with…”

  1. November 28, 2009 at 10:10 am

    I like your comments and thoughts about trees. They echo many of the same sentiments I have about trees.

    I adore trees for many reasons. 🙂

  2. 3 sna
    November 15, 2010 at 11:04 am

    Hi, here also many evils who destroyed trees. Btw, I am looking for maple tree to plant.

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