farmer’s market


One of my life’s small pleasures is the Sunday Farmer’s Market.  It’s about 4 miles from the house, but a world away from the typical SoCal shopping experience.  Once you’re out of your car–pedestrians rule–there’s a real sense of camaraderie…


It’s not just fruit and vegetables; you can also find artisan breads, olive oil, honeys, tamales, Italian & German pastries, plus nuts, eggs and on occasion fresh fish.

cabbage and eggplant

With Fall upon us, you’ll want to put together a ratatouille or as I overheard today, Rachel Ray’s BLT & P soup (bacon, leak, tomato & potato)…


Of course, all season long the fruit selection is terrific; from the everyday cantaloupe…

dragon fruit

…to the unusual, dragon fruit (but gorgeous, no?)


The final harvest of peaches (these are yellow, but the white ones have been honey-sugary and amazing this season.)

tomatoes 2

Tomatoes! (Just a $1.00 per lb. this week, last week–only $.80 per lb.!)


The ‘Heirloom’ tomatoes are considerably more expensive (these are from Carlsbad and usually are priced in the $4.00 lb. range) but once in a while, they are worth the splurge.

green beans

Boiled, steamed, sauté–all excellent ways to serve green beans, but my favorite is roasting them with garlic, olive oil and a light squeeze of lemon (throw in the squeezed lemon rind!) for an hour at 350°.  Actually, I think roasting all vegetables brings out their best, natural flavors.

red peppers

squash blossoms

Squash blossoms: rinse with water, pat dry and stuff them with feta cheese and chopped olives.  Dip them in a beaten egg, roll in panko crumbs and sauté in olive oil until brown and slightly wilted.

sunflower tablecloth

Loved this display with the oilcloth and the perfect juxtaposition of color.

white corn

Mm, I’m going to have to have some of that white corn.  Sweet!

[august 29, 2010.  updated]

i had my camera with me this sunday at the local farmer’s market & asked a few of my favorite vendors if i could take their photos for my blog.  some agreed (see below) & others said “no way.”  because the market is so visually brilliant, saturated with color, i decided to process these photos in black & white.  the results, i believe, are outstanding.

no sooner had i said “may i take your photo,”  than she had her ponytail undone & her midnight black tresses tossed over her shoulder.   beautiful, yes? (the peach & pluot stand)

her fiance (above,) as tall as me (maybe taller) & looks like he would snap you in two should you cross him, but he breaks into a smile at the drop of a hat & is obviously in love (up to his eyeballs) with her. (peaches & pluots)

the vegetable stand.  she know how to have fun (you can tell) & is as pretty as they come; always ready with a smile & a kind word.

1 Response to “farmer’s market”

  1. October 11, 2009 at 5:43 pm

    Terrific photographs!
    The squash blossoms and dragon fruit are my favorites!

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